Wells P. Bailey House, Lyndon, Kansas

...Watch a video of the Wells P. Bailey House, Lyndon, Kansas...


A summary via video of the history, restoration and movement of the Wells P. Bailey House of Lyndon, Kansas.

This video contains a number of historic as well as present day images. Among those we wish to acknowledge and thank are The Kansas Historical Society, The Franklin County Historical Society, and James Ayers Studios.

Keokuk, Sac and Fox Chief used with permission. Copyright James Ayers Studios, LLC, all rights reserved.


This video is posted on youTube and can be watched there.

...The mystery of the exact construction of this house still exists...


The Wells P. Bailey House symbolizes a transition of two cultures. It stands today as a reminder of both our Native American and pioneer heritage. For more information contact us at wpbaileyhouse@gmail.com