Wells P. Bailey House, Lyndon, Kansas

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Contact The Historic Preservation Partnership of Lyndon, Inc. via our email account: wpbaileyhouse@gmail.com

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As an historic log house, the Wells P. Bailey House requires regular maintenance. Traditional chinking and daubing needs annual spot repair to areas that become damaged or cracked from environmental or weather-related issues such as freeze-thaw action, structural settlement, or expansion. In addition, windows need to be inspected and repaired as necessary, including glass replacement if broken, re-painting wood, or repairing daubing around the window casings. Gutters and roofing are also subject to maintenance issues, as in any other house. 

If you would like to donate to preservation efforts or interpretation activities, please contact us at the email above. Thank you so much for your interest in the Wells P. Bailey House.

Work continues on the Wells P. Bailey House. Your help is welcome!

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Visit us on Facebook

The Wells P. Bailey House symbolizes a transition of two cultures. It stands today as a reminder of both our Native American and pioneer heritage. For more information contact us at wpbaileyhouse@gmail.com